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Welcome to the first Multi Social Suite of its kind. A place where people can add their social sites and get others to join in and share each others postings. I like your website in turn for you liking my website. On Facebook you can “Like” and “Share” comments, pictures, links and other things that people do to promote their website, cause or whatever. Below is multi social suite defined as I see it.

Multi Social Suite Defined by looking at each words description on its own.
1. Multi means many or more than one.
2. Social in internet terms relates to social sites and how people interact on them.
3. Suite in terms of a hotel is a group of rooms that is used for one purpose.

A “Multi Social Suite” consist of multiple social sites grouped together under one hub for the purpose of having them interact together as one larger unit. That larger unit is a suite. This suite is one large unit with many rooms and doors that is united together.

My goal is to bring you the 1st Multi Social Suite of it kind.

Lead System Network

Lead System Network Tool Suite

Breaking news! Since my publishing of this site several companies have been working on the same idea I had for a Multi Social Suite of tools that anybody can use. The name of this company is Lead System Network. You can actually sign up for free and use some of their services. There is also a $30, $100 and $1,000 level. Start off with the free tools and then decide if you want to upgrade.

Visit Lead System Network and sign up for free.

“Multi-Social” in online terms means multiple social networks. So the combination of social sites like Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, WordPress, Twitter and many more were all put or connected together you could say you have a multi social site or suite. Like a suite in a hotel you have many different rooms connected together for a purpose. If you had the ability to connect all these sites together simultaneously with each other across many different social networks and sites you would create one large powerful site. Since each one of these sites is definitely different we will call them different rooms that make up one large suite or “MultiSocialSuite”. this is more like a social media engagement hub where people can connect. Not only can people connect but businesses can connect also. One large “Hub” with many spokes that serve many different purposes.

This website brings you one of the first Multi Social Suite’s that can be used for a multitude of things. I use the word things loosely because the internet is constantly changing and evolving or morphing into a platform that can bring many things together. I do not know a better word to use then things. Things could be ideas, suggestions, speech, knowledge and the sharing there of. Communications, advertising, sales can all be part of this Multi Social Suite or Hub. It is for users and businesses alike.

Multiple Social Sites Connected Together

This platform is a very innovative, probably the most in years. It allows users to connect from one location, this website. The user has several different pages to pick from. They can connect together from as few as 2 social sites all the way up to 20 to 30 social sites. Start with your favorites and add and grow as you feel the need to integrate more of them together. You choose all your own favorite social network accounts and put them under one roof! Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, G+ and Twitter to name just a few. An example I like to use is for business. You have an important message you want to get out to everyone you know in business and friends alike.  You are able to connect to everyone in real time, friends, family, business partners, acquaintances because they are cross-connected by way of this social hub. Distribute targeted messages to everybody, anybody or any group, you pick and choose it’s up to you. You have massive power at your fingertips. With just a few clicks of a mouse your message goes out to the masses.

The Multi Social Suite Is Here

The future of social networking is here.
Every online marketer will need and use this service.
Get it, learn it, use it! Don’t get left behind in the dust.

I hope my personal explanation helps you understand the power of this Multi-Social-Suite. I feel this is a game changer for any online marketer that learns how to use this product. Mastering it will take some time and work but the power you will have is way more then the money you will spend. I believe it will free me up and give me more time to do other things in life. I’m sure there will be a way to have automated messaging, tweets, Facebook likes and shares and much more. It’s new to me but I will be using it and reporting back to you by way of this website.

My wife and I got this website up and going under many different social sites which makes this our own multi-social suite.  So join our team at the following link and lets take your business to the next level. We can all work together and help each other.

Put up some comments on how we can do all this that I am talking about.

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