Multi Social Site

Multi Social Site

Multi Social Site

We may be first multi social site of its kind. When you are able to combine all of your social sites under one hub you have the ability to do things that were never possible before. You now have the ability to place 50 or more social sites and personal email accounts and business accounts together and communicate to all of them at the same time. In the past you could do a couple of things with a couple of sites at the same time but never to the magnitude that is now possible with the system we are all putting in place.

Slight Edge With A Multi Social Site

Say you want to send out the same or similar comment to Facebook and Twitter you just connect the two accounts and that is possible. Your Facebook message is turned into a Tweet and often puts a link in going back to your Facebook post. If you could take that same Facebook post and share it with 50 sites at the same time you just multiplied your efforts more then 10 fold, more like 20 to 30 fold. That gives you marketing powder to get news out fast and not forget anybody. Sometimes being the first one out with the news gets you top placement in the search engines. Most marketers know the power of ranking well with the major search engines especially Google search. I call this getting the slight edge by using the power of a multi social site.

Why I Picked Multi Social Site

I decided on the website Multi Social Site or Suite because it gives us the opportunity to connect popular social sites together at one time. I never ask someone to do something that I would not do. I have a lot of social sites that I usually go from one to the other getting the word out on. Now with the stroke of one post and instantly the hours I spent is turned into minutes. Anything that saves me time is worth it. I have so many passwords for so many sites that I can get totally confused. (Now one password controls all the sites? I am working on this.) I want to add to an account. I can special design different marketing plans for different home business opportunities. Keeping the different companies and their business and products separated is important. I do my best to keep from cross recruiting and I believe this tool I am making will help people to do just that. The multi social site is coming in the future.

I will be studying the company and learning just what can be done with the tools available and be reporting back in a day or two.

Make Free Webpages

Free Webpage On One Or Several Of Our Sites – First level members get a free webpage on our website. You write and I will post it. I will then link to it and Tweet it.

I have several websites that I will be using to promote this company. You get an opportunity to be part of my website when you write and original content article. I will publish the page and optimize it so people will find it on the internet.

Feel free to call Bill  225-413-8928. Say you are calling about the “Multi-Social Sites”. I had dropped out but may go back active with what I am seeing with the recent changes.

I am looking for people to join our team and grow with us and our websites that are planned. Call me at 225-413-8928 for more information or get signed up and lets all get a multi-social site. Visit the St Tammany Parish Louisiana multi-socialsite which will be part of my personal group of sites. Start your own group of sites and you to can be multi-social and multi-site.

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