How To Stay Fit, Active And Healthy With Diabetes

It can seem a full time chore just to manage diabetes, and that there is no other time for finding information about living well in spite of the disease. This article is packed with fresh ways to help you manage this disease.

For instance, choose a spot to keep your insulin and meter, and make sure you put them there each and every night, and insulin in one specific place so it will be easy to access in the mornings.

You can save a lot of money on diabetes medication by shopping online pharmacy. Many of these also have the option of setting up a monthly delivery subscription, so you won’t run out of supplies.

Food For Thought

Healthy FoodThere is no shortage of foods with lots of protein, including lean meats, tofu, beans and other dairy products. Try to mix it up to keep your mouth interested.

Many foods contain corn syrup, so be sure to read all of the labels. In Canada this ingredient might be labeled as “glucose/fructose”.

If you have diabetes, and tend to be a snacker, it might be hard to walk by the vending machines at work, or the wonderful tasting snacks in your pantry.

Even if you don’t feel well and have no appetite, being a diabetic makes it especially important to take care of your body by continuing to eat healthy foods, and continue to check your blood glucose levels. Long periods of low sugar levels will make you dehydrated, so drinking a lot of liquids can help you through this.

One urban myth on diabetes is that sufferers cannot eat sugar. You do not have to eliminate sugar from your diet, just watch your sweets intake. You could still allowed to eat a smaller dessert for special occasions. Since eating sweets adds extra carbohydrates, it is good to lessen other foods that are rich in carbohydrates when you eat your special treat.

Health Problems

People with diabetes are likely to have other undiagnosed health problems, and one of the more serious ones is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea causes your breath to stop while sleeping. If you are feeling exhausted halfway through the day, get checked for your sleep apnea.

Diabetics are at higher risk of many foot problems. Following this advice may help you keep your feet even if you have diabetes.

Blood Sugar And Food

Eat your meals at a regular schedule. When you delay or skip meals, you can easily see a huge swing in your blood sugar if you neglect to eat, your blood sugar numbers can get out of control. When that glucose is added to high glucose levels the type 2 diabetic usually has, a major sugar spike can happen.

You must get control of your blood glucose levels a top priority if you have eye disease. Research indicates that your eyes may suffer at first from blood sugar management, it will benefit you in the long run. Controlling your blood glucose can slow diabetic eye disease associated with diabetes.

Skipping a meal can make your blood glucose level to rise because your liver is going to release sugar into your body whenever you are not taking in adequate nourishment.

Tips To Know

  • Gestational diabetes isn’t something you have caused! It happens to people and is something than cannot always be prevented.
  • Don’t be surprised when you find your blood sugar rises right after a treatment for low glucose.
  • This can lead to your child’s chances of developing diabetes when he or she is born or later in life.
  • Don’t solely rely on urine testing as your sole blood sugar test.
  • Employers are not allowed to refuse applicants for job positions just because they have been diagnosed with diabetes. You don’t have to disclose any of your medical issues upfront.
  • Make sure to take along an insulated bag for your insulin supply when you travel.

Closing Thoughts

As you can tell, the ideas in this article might be what you need to manage diabetes in an easier way, and still be able to enjoy life. Use these tips to continue living a healthy, happy and fulfilling life despite your diabetes.

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