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Guest Post Wanted 
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No Cyptocuccancy
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I have opened this site to all that want to post good quality health and wellness articles.

Requirements For Articles Posted

1. Must be 400 words or more but over 500 words preferred.
2. No Gambling sites or Adult content.
3. No Crypto post or opportunities.
4. Add 1 or more of your pictures to the articles.
5. Youtube videos are allowed. Post 1 to 3 videos on your post.
5. Vimeo videos are also allowed.
6. Backlinks – 1-2 to your opportunity and 2 to 4 authority site links.
7. No SPAM content that comes from poor spin text. I want original content.
8. Copyscape pass content wanted. Not more then 15% matching content.
9. Post quality comments on sites where they are open to comments.

This is my first time doing this and hopefully it will be successful. I have already had many Bitcoin and crypto articles posted but I did not approve them. I am looking for quality articles of 400 words or more. The best articles will be pinned to the top of the site and will be rotated as new articles come in.

I Have More Sites That You Can Post To – About 10 – Health related sites wanted.

More sites will be added to this list in the near future. Checkback every day so you can be the first to post on the newly added sites. There will be about 10 sites in total that will be available for your post. I can also leave the comment section open to quality comments. No short comments with spammy links and verbiage.

SEOClerks Sellers Welcome Here

SEOClerks sellers are welcome here and can post your GIGS here and they will stay published as long as they meet the requirements. This site and domain name has be registered to me for over 5 years. It will be staying with me for the long term, until my death. I am 66 and should live another 10 to 20 years.

Post as much quality content as you want. Make money off this site by posting here. You are helping me make my site content rich so if you make money that is fine with me. Basically it is you scratch my back and I will scratch your back in return. We both will benefit from the articles, post and comments. Again I have to stress that I want Copyscape pass content.

This site is a work in progress that all of us in the SEO field and money making opportunity area will be benefiting from.

This site is open to your comments and ideas below. Give me some feedback on what you would like me to do for you and how can I make this site better for you.

1. What type of sites would you like to be open to your article post.
2. What you like and do not like> I would like your to make comments on this.
I will e adding more in the future.

Let’s work together and expand this new start up of article post to many different sites.


Future Success of your Business

IBOtoolbox stands for Independent Business Owner Tool Box is a site that is revolutionizing the way independent business owners and self-employed sales marketers are doing business. Their motto is “Dream Big! Think Big!

The IBOtoolbox primary function is to act as marketing platform for independent businessmen and women that allows them to use all the tools at their disposal to enhance their businesses.

Now that is huge! Secondly there are no fees whatsoever. No upgrade, no premium services, no memberships, no pay plans. Nothing. It is absolutely free.

The best way to understand the ins and outs of IBOtoolbox is to visit their website and sign-up for an account. When you click on the link called ‘Features’ you will be taken to a page which details all the services that the site makes available to its members.

Some of those services are the following: lead generation, live chat, link cloaking, business blogging, network building, and most importantly an active social network for businesses.

The service features are designed for specific purposes. This is a platform that comprises of tools, apps, widgets and systems that help in promotion of businesses, maintain and establish internet presence. One is bound to benefit immensely after using the many features.

Some of the features found within ibotoolbox include:
1.) The platform allows people to publish press releases or blogs.
2.) Articles are syndicated to other websites and published on one’s profile.
3.) Your friends get notifications after publishing any Press Release.
4.) You to interact with people with the same interests as yours.
5.) Aide in generation of traffic on a person’s profile.
6.) Members will visit your profile in order to learn more regarding you.
7.) Social networking occurs as others visit your business page.
8.) Have live conversations with customers.

IBOtoolbox provides the above feature at no charge. One could also have an additional widget to the site that allows connections to other websites.

Make use of the above features for better business. All that and more. And it’s all 100% free! There is no time like the present, so go the website right now, sign-up, and start using IBOtoolbox and begin your path to success.